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whole house fan cost estimate

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A whole-house fan can cost approximately $1000 – $1500. They can cut your air conditioning costs by up to 50-90% while you experience an instant 10 degree cooling effect. This helps lower the temperature and humidity of the interior of the home. Timers range in price from $10-$35. Many whole house fan models come with insulated doors that are on the attic side and attached to the fan system. Enter your options and zip code above - then select "Update". Is A Whole House Fan Installation a DIY Project? The size of the home, the number of vents you may need installed, and the efficiency of the unit you purchase can all have an effect on the total cost. Hire pre-approved Whole House Fan Installation pros in Philadelphia, Mississippi - with exceptional references and many years of experience. Attic vents, if needed, are cut, and covers are installed. Compare the estimates and hire the contractor who best fits your needs. While there are many different types and styles of these fans available in the marketplace, if you are looking to purchase a whole house fan – consider investing in a system that is … For more information, read our, air-conditioning and heating contractors near you, Get free estimates on FIXR from trusted air-conditioning and heating contractors in your area. The size of the home, the number of vents you may need installed, and the efficiency of the unit you purchase can all have an effect on the total cost. The average cost to install a whole house fan stands at $800. On the high end, the project can cost $2,000 to $2,750 including labor. For a Handyman or electrician to install the same basic unit, expect to spend around $850 – $1,100 for house fan installation. Whole house fans systems are anywhere from 4-15 times more cost effective than a refrigerant based system. There are many factors that can affect the cost of a whole house fan installation. Although the installations may be different, the time and labor would be similar. The fan is wired into an existing circuit, or a dedicated circuit and wiring is installed. However, there are several factors that may impact the cost of installation. Save Money. The fan is mounted and secured, and the perimeter is insulated to stop drafts in winter and to eliminate potential vibration noise. This template is useful when clients ask for a detailed breakdown of the estimate. Whole House Fans. Where on the cost spectrum shown above will your attic fan price fall? It splits up soft costs (accounting fees, insurance, legal fees, permits, etc.) Attic fans circulate air in the attic space, keeping the attic from getting into superheated conditions, while removing humidity from the attic. The calculation is simple: multiply the total square footage by 2. Non-discounted retail costs for 1 fan of Whole House Fan - between $191.82 and $293.62. It can cost approximately $300 – $ 600, with most people spending $550, including labor Attic fans are way much cheaper compared to whole-house fans. Most electricians will do the entire job or just the wiring, at your option. Fan covers range in price from $30-$85. Direct driven fans have the blades attached directly to the motor. Belt driven fans have a belt that runs directly from the motor to the blades, turning them. Philadelphia Whole House Fan Installation. This fan has two settings, high and low power. Jump back to these main areas of our website. Average costs for materials and equipment for whole house fan installation in Chicago. Insulated doors will add even more protection than a fan cover. Average thermostats 2  run from $25-$60 for a traditional style or $200-$300 for a smart touchpad style. Definitions in laymen's terms, cost considerations, pictures and things you need to know. Our cost guide has been updated for 2020 to reflect current fair wages and material option costs for Whole House Fans. An attic fan costs around $300 to have installed. The cost of the HVAC unit will mostly depend on the size of your house and the brand and efficiency rating of the new unit. © 2020 Fixr, all rights reserved. Suggest a Cost Comparison from Another Website, Cost to Install an Electric Baseboard Heater, Cabin Fever? There are many factors that can affect the cost of a whole house fan installation. If you do not open your windows, there is a danger of backdrafting or pulling the flames out from pilot lights of gas appliances and furnaces causing a carbon dioxide build up in your home. Whole House Generator Cost. The Air Vent Inc. 24″ Whole House Fan 54301 produces 4500 CFM of cooling power and is one of the most popular standard fans on the market today. If your attic doesn't have proper ventilation, you will need to install some vents to allow the air to flow through. For a Handyman or electrician to install the same basic unit, expect to spend around $850 – $1,100 for house fan installation. If you have your system installed by a professional, they may be able to assist you with the permit application as well. They are especially useful in areas where air conditioners are not in use for complete seasons. The limitations, sizing and selection, installation, operation, and the economics of whole-house fans are discussed. In order to help us and others understand the detailed nature of your project, please include as many details as possible. It\\\'s always recommended to compare at least 3 estimate and check references. Details about the cost of the fan plus installation are included. A standard-sized house is 2,400 sq.ft., therefore, 2,400x2=4,800 CFM (cubic feet per minute); the capacity the whole house fan would need to cool this house. This installation will most likely call for a joist to be cut so it will fit, and for some wiring to be done. As for the whole house fan, the cost of buying and installing is high and ranges from 700 dollars to 1000 dollars. Hire pre-approved Whole House Fan Installation pros in Sacramento, California - with exceptional references and many years of experience. In basic terms, an attic ventilation fan cools the warm air in the attic space, where a whole house fan cools the living space or area inside your home by drawing in fresh outdoor air and flushing it out the attic. To enter, just head to our Facebook Page, click the Monthly Contests tab and enter the giveaway. On the low end, you can expect to pay between $700 and $950 including labor. A duct is used to transport the air, which makes for a quieter operation because the fan itself is not attached to the floor joists. Ventilation is the intentional movement of air between indoor and outdoor spaces, for the purpose of controlling air quality, humidity, and temperature. Being a skilled certified home improvement service provider, I understand firsthand exactly what it will cost for different levels – from the Basic, Better, as well as the best. Another benefit of the belt driven fan is its standard motor, which is easily repaired or replaced if there is an issue. How it works. There are several models, which offer variable speeds, as much as 5 or 6, costing up to $1,700. Timers are very handy because you can set the time you want your system to run and they will then automatically turn off at the set time. We are asking a few questions so that we can get you better cost estimates. Whole house fans are best used in the early morning or late evening when the outdoor air is cooler, preferably below 70 degrees. They close over the fan to insulate from the attic side. The average cost of an electrician is $65-$85 per hour, while the average cost of a carpenter is $70 per hour. Mold can be a problem in humid regions where humid air condenses on surfaces which can eventually form mold. The ideal location for your whole house fan is in a center hallway where there are no obstructions such as vents, wiring, or plumbing. The cost to install a whole house fan ranges between $1,250 and $1,830 depending on the size and type of fan. It is important that your basement area is free of mold and dust to prevent it from circulating through your home. If you have to cut into your ceiling joists, requires basic carpentry knowledge. Get free estimates from air-conditioning and heating contractors in your city. The direct drive fans range in price from $530-$1850. This prevents damage to the roof, while preventing the superheated air from returning to the living areas downstairs. A whole house fan can cost as little as $310, but most models retail for $600 - $1,200 with different sizes and options—like solar powered vs. electric—at every price point along the way. The average cost to install a whole house vent fan with a wall switch is around $350 for a basic fan and shutters, installed yourself with no other major needs. Whole house fan installation starts with cutting the fan opening in the ceiling drywall and framing the fan support within the attic joists. Vents cost between $20 to $40 a piece. Good luck! Required fields are marked *. Some variable speed fans also allow for control through your smart phone for an additional $240. Average cost to install a whole house fan is about $700 (6,000 CFM for a 5,000 sq.ft. However, prices for larger whole house fans can go as high as $550, and many homes need added attic ventilation to let the hot air escape quickly. We had a Breezepower Whole House Fan installed 8 years ago and it is the best device we have in our house and we just love it! Whole house fans are installed in the floor of the attic, hence an attic fan. While an expensive whole house fan can cost a couple of thousand dollars on the high end, central air can easily cost between $5K and $10K in many cases. Using the handyman rates, the installation (labor only) would range in price from $480-$1,080. Hot Air Out- Cool Air In. A whole house attic fan creates positive pressure in the house by pulling fresh air in and pushing the old, hot, humid air out. When you compare estimates, make sure each quote covers parts, labor, and diagnostic fees. Depending on the availability of power and/or the need to cut into your ceiling joists, installing a whole house attic fan is not really a hard job for a handy homeowner. Try These Home Projects to stay Busy. If so, you’ll love to know that we give away a new item every now and then! A large standby generator that runs on natural gas and is wired to power your entire home can produce all the electricity your home needs, so the household won’t miss a beat when th… Check with your local government to see what the requirements are. To calculate this, you will take the number of CFM and divide by 750. The fan has paid for itself many, many times over in cost saving and there is no maintenance involved… we wish more people were aware on this wonderful invention. The cost of a whole house fan is much lower than central air conditioning and uses about 10% of the electricity AC requires. When an electrical outage occurs, everyone wishes they had a backup generator. The whole house fan, on the other hand, consumes around 500 watts making them expensive compare to the attic. Cost to install a whole house fan varies greatly by region (and even by zip code). By not using the air conditioning continually through the day you can save on energy costs, because the whole house fan will use only 200-700 watts compared to 2000-5000 watts used by an air conditioner. Whole house fan, timer, a cover and extra vents, Whole house fan, insulated cover, timer, thermostat and vents, The information provided by our cost guides comes from a great variety of sources, including specialized publications and websites, cost studies, U.S. associations, reports from the U.S. government, contractors and subcontractors, material suppliers, material price services, and other vendor websites. Overall the typical installation should take about 8-12 hours. Just how long it takes depends on the scope of project. However, some clients can pay as much as $1,000 to complete the installation. ), which lets clients view the exact project expenses with no surprises when they get the final invoice. Hire pre-approved Whole House Fan Installation pros in Denver, Colorado - with exceptional references and many years of experience. Whole-house fans, once called attic fans, can reduce the use of air conditioners, and thereby cut energy costs. Whole house generators cost $6,000 to $11,000 on average, including installation. Get Quotes Some of the benefits of installing one go from making the aire less dry than air conditioning units, lower energy bills, to a more comfortable home. Most whole house fans offer at least two speeds, costing between $600-$1850. If you already have central air, then you probably notice that while it keeps the house cool, it shoots your energy bill through the roof in the summer. Whole house fans remain a tried-and-true method for keeping your home cool, and are often used as an alternative to, or in conjunction with, air conditioning. A new HVAC unit costs about $1,900 without installation for a 1,000-square-foot home and up to $5,600 for a 3,000-square-foot home. In addition to the fan itself, you will also need attic venting to ensure proper air flow. With a belt driven system you can also use larger blades which spin slower and offer a quieter operation. A whole house fan, however, does cool the entire home by pulling cooler air in, while pushing the hot air out. Direct labor costs to Install Whole House Fans in Sacramento - between $134.16 and $248.73. Ducted fans ($530-$1,020) are actually installed in the attic, away from the ceiling line. There is also the option to hire a handyman who could do both carpentry and electrical for $60-$90 per hour. A whole house fan averages about $150-$350 and costs about 1-5 cents per hour of use, compared to 17 cents - 20 cents an hour for air conditioning, according to the US Department of Energy . Get free estimates from air-conditioning and heating contractors in your city. As our numbers show in 2020 average cost that homeowners paid for attic fan repair in Multnomah county is between $103.00 and $518.00. Cost of all materials and supplies which may be necessary for Whole House Fan Installation, which may include: - between $119.30 and $129.19. Did we mention it’s free? I’ve installed my own gable and roof attic vent fans, but not a whole house unit. Call them directly or submit a request for a Free Cost Estimate. and hard costs (equipment costs, labor, etc. This would cover either the ceiling mounted or ducted fan. A whole house fan circulates the air through the whole home by creating positive pressure in the attic and pulling in fresh air from outdoors. Because of the design, the blades are smaller, flatter, and need to spin faster which creates more noise. Cost factors such as the size of the fan and scope of the work plus homeowner-submitted costs will assist you in developing an accurate estimate of what your whole house fan price will be. They are typically easier to install, maintain, and are quieter. Personally, I consider myself an 8/10 on the handyman scale and I would not hesitate to install my own whole house fan. The wall switch is installed and wired. Direct Drive Whole-House Fan is a smart energy saver for any home in a climate where air conditioning costs are a concern. Certain regions may require permits to install your whole house fan. Do not light a fire in the fireplace while using a whole house fan, as the flames could get sucked into the room as well. There are certain factors to consider while installing an attic fan. By using Fixr you agree to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, Get free estimates from air-conditioning and heating contractors near you. Installation is the costliest part of the job. It has a 24″ blade with a direct drive motor and is activated by a pull chain. Cost to install a whole house fan varies greatly by region (and even by zip code). Get an instant, vendor-neutral estimate of Whole House Fan options and costs in your zip code. This Whole House Fan Installation Springfield Quote Includes: Average labor costs to repair an attic fan in Springfield, Virginia. Material cost … This Whole House Fan Installation Chicago Quote Includes: Average labor costs to repair an attic fan in Chicago, Illinois. Remember the system works by pulling the warm stale air into the attic and drawing the cool, fresh outdoor air into the house through open windows and doors. 1 fan: $422.08: $492.56: Whole House Fan Installation Job Supplies Cost of related materials and supplies typically required to install whole house fan including: fittings, fasteners and mounting hardware. Details are the most important part of this. This cost guide is about whole house fans. Find here detailed information about whole house fan costs. Average costs for materials and equipment for whole house fan installation in Portland. Whole House Fans Keep Your Bills Low. calculating would be a 2500 square feet attic, … The GAF Master Flow 4500 CFM 24 in. (Provide a Brief Title About Your Project, Repair, Remodel, etc), (Used so others in your area can compare). Submit the quote form now to receive up to four bids from highly qualified specialists serving the Denver area. QuietCool whole house fans can help you live comfortably, yet affordably. Your regular energy cost savings will help offset your necessary repair costs. The contractors will offer competitive free quotes for your job. Ceiling mounted fans ($235-$1,850) are installed between the attic and the living space. If you are searching for 2018 breakdown whole house fan costs and exactly what installation cost may be, then you have arrived at the best place. Do you like Free Products? Attic fans keep the attic cool year-round by removing the superheated air and replacing it with cooler, fresh outdoor air. This would be defeating the purpose as you would use more energy; the air conditioner requires to have the windows to be closed, while the house fan requires them open. Home generators cost $3,000 to $6,000 alone, and the cost to install a whole-house generator is $3,000 to $5,000.Generac generators cost $2,000 to $5,000 for a whole-house … The dimensions of this fan are 27-1/2″ x 27-1/2″ making it a perfect fit for most attic or hallway vents. Your email address will not be published. Denver Whole House Fan Installation. Fans with insulated doors cost between $580 and $860 more. It allows you to beat the heat by forcing hot air out of your home through your attic space while bringing in cooler outside air through your windows and doors. If you need to run power or cut the joists, the skills and tools needed to complete the job go up significantly. We have also added an image of the project, in this case of a part of whole house fan system, to help the user better understand the project. How Much Does It Cost to Install a Whole House Fan? While using the whole house fan, do not use the air conditioner or furnace. High quality top-of-the-line whole house fans, for most homes, are between $1500 – $2000 fully installed, after rebates. Whole house fans can keep your entire home cool, and are much cheaper to run compared to an AC unit. Full Record ; Other Related Research; Abstract. A small unit can supply power for home essentials like the refrigerator, furnace or small window AC unit and basic lighting for several days, or as long as your gasoline lasts. What do You Think? Using a whole house fan is a cost effective and efficient way to cool your home. Direct The GAF Master Flow 4500 CFM 24 in. These factors make a whole house fan an affordable option for cooling a home in climates with mild, dry nights and lower humidity. A Whole House Fan draws heat out of the home and brings cooler air in through open windows. Sections: Overview | Product Costs | Installation Cost | DIY or Pro | Web Compare | Shared Pricing. is an online library of home improvement cost estimates, to help homeowners learn, plan, budget and compare repair pricing and replacement costs around their house. Top-of-the-line models can cost up to $1,500 or more. A whole house fan and an attic fan refer to the same thing when the terms are properly understood. If you had a fence, share how many gates, the height, etc. The cost is reflected in the price of the fan. However, the attic fan does not cool the entire house; it only affects the attic. Yes, attic fans are very effective at keeping the attic cool, which in turn helps prevent issues like ice dams and heat damage to roofing shingles. The recognized standard for sizing a house for a whole house fan calls for the air to be turned over once every 2-3 minutes. Whole House Fans Cost Guide - Pricing Assumptions and Notes. A whole house fan is a system that draws air through the house, pushing it into the attic. To get free estimates from local contractors, please indicate yours. Disconnect mounting hardware and remove unit from premises. For instance, if you had a pool installed, tell us the size. This Whole House Fan Installation Portland Quote Includes: Average labor costs to repair an attic fan in Portland, Oregon. Whole House Fan Installers Directory: Click to Find a Pro Search our Whole House Fan Installers Directory to find pros in your local area. Due to the complexity of whole house fan installation, homeowners are recommended to contact professionals in their area to compare quotes and … Each summer we turn the switch and off she goes. The belt driven fans range in price from $235-$320. Energy consuming; The average attic fan in energy consumption uses less than 300watts, making it energy efficient. Use the list below to get a better understanding of the relevant cost factors. These factors help answer the question: Here’s a price list for the fan and installation materials. The average cost for a whole house fan ranges in price from $1250-$1830 including labor, materials, and the fan itself. The average cost of installing a whole house fan is $500-600 (including a mid-grade fan). The easy calculation would be: if you to vent a 1500 square feet attic, which would cost $70, with the addition of humidistat cost of $15 and professional labor of $40, then the total would be $125.

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